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Updated January 23, 2013

City indicates any person authorized to represent The Key West Bight Marina.

Owner is any boat owner legally within the marina or a designated boat captain as referred to in the Agreement of which these Rules and Regulations are made and attached hereto. Owner also agrees to abide by and observe all reasonable rules and regulations established from time to time by City and City’s insurance carrier with respect to the operation of the Property and its Common Areas.

  1. Any waterborne vehicle or structure entering the marina is under jurisdiction of  the City and shall be berthed as directed.
  2. Any vessel which may sink in the marina shall either be re-floated or removed by the owner within 72 hours or a fine of $100.00 per day shall be levied.
  3. As a result of a storm event the marina will work with the tenant to allow a reasonable amount of time for the vessel to be refloated or removed as long as the tenant takes measures to prevent pollution liability within 48 hours after the storm event.
  4. No persons will be allowed to reside permanently aboard any boats berthed in the marina unless they are paying a live aboard rate.
  5. Boats not marked or identified as required by law will not be permitted within the marina.
  6. The City shall have the right to inspect all boats in the marina to verify seaworthiness and adherence to local, state and Federal Fire and Safety regulations and US Coast Guard Marine Sanitation Device requirements. Boats not in compliance will be removed from the Marina.
  7. The Dock master reserves the right to refuse dockage to boats that are not maintained in a neat, orderly, seaman like fashion.
  8. No boats within Key West Bight Marina shall be operated in excess of the established speed limit of idle speed and no wake.
  9. No refuse shall be thrown overboard. Garbage shall be deposited in cans supplied for the purpose and other debris shall be placed where specified by the City. No pumping of oil from bilge is allowed. Owner shall be responsible for the actions and conduct of their guests.
  10. All Owners or their visitors will abide by the marina’s Clean Marina Designation and accompanying rules and regulations.
  11. No swimming, diving or fishing will be permitted within the Marina, with the exception of necessary repair work.
  12. Advertising and/ or solicitation of business on Charter boats is subject to existing zoning laws and applicable City ordinances.
  13. All boats will be tied up in a manner acceptable to the City or shall be removed. The City reserves the right to properly tie up a boat in the owner’s absence and to assess a service fee. No rafting will be allowed, except under the direction of the Dock master.
  14. No commercial activity by any Owner will be allowed on Marina property or on boats docked at the Marina without the prior approval of the City.
  15. Owners will not be allowed to have two (2) boats in a slip unless the second boat is a dinghy that can be stored on-board.
  16. All vessels using holding tanks must be pumped out on a regular basis.
  17. All marina tenants are allowed one (1) white fiberglass or molded plastic dock box not to exceed 6’ 2” long, 27 inches deep and 30 inches high. The Dockmaster will request in writing that the slip owner remove any non-conforming dock boxes. In the event the owner does not remove non-conforming dock boxes within 7 days of written notice staff will remove the non-conforming dock box. Dock boxes must be bolted to the dock with the approval of marina staff. Hazardous materials of any nature may not be stored in dock boxes. In the event of a storm tenant agrees to remove anything stored in the dock box that may be harmful to people, the marina, sea life, or water quality.
  18. Commercial Owners will be allowed a sign that is pre-approved and complies with the signage standard for Key West Bight Marina. The Dockmaster will request in writing that the slip owner remove any non-conforming signs. In the event the owner does not remove non-conforming signs within 7 days of written notice, staff will remove the non-conforming signs.
  19. Owner desiring to convert dock in any manner such as adding extra padding or buffer strips or installing mooring arms, or to make any use of utilities, must first secure the written permission of the City and said Owner may be required to pay additional charges for additional services or facilities. Improvements placed on the docks by the Owner become the property of the City when the space is vacated.
  20. In general, an Owner may do minor work on their own boat if such work does not interfere with the rights and privileges of the other persons but an Owner may not use the services of any other dealer, mechanic, craftsman or other person on the premises of City without first securing prior approval of the City. All work not minor in nature (minor cosmetic maintenance) shall be approved by the Dock master before commencement. The use of electric sanders is prohibited. Generally all major maintenance and repair will not be allowed in regular slips.
  21. Docks, piers and HarborWalk are to be kept clear at all times. No personal gear including but not limited to signs, tables, chairs, bicycles, umbrellas, pumps, generators, etc. will be stored or kept on the docks at any time.
  22. At no time will non marine extension cords (orange) be used as a permanent conveyance.

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