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Safety on the Docks

SAFETY ON THE DOCKS We can’t wait to welcome everyone back to Bight Marina starting in just a few days! The health and safety of all boaters, guests, and employees is our highest priority, and we’ve compiled a list of some best practices for dock safety to ensure a fun and safe experience out on the water during [...]

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2020 Hurricane Preparedness Guide

2020 Hurricane Preparedness Guide! Hurricane season made another early debut this year, and we should expect the tropics to be busy over the next few months, with NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center forecasting three to six major hurricanes (category 3, 4 or 5). Here at Key West Bight Marina, we will continue to provide you with the information you [...]

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The Top Five Boating Essentials!

TOP FIVE BOATING ESSENTIALS! The Key West Bight Marina notoriously strives to provide visitors and locals with the perfect island escape while immersing themselves in the most inviting of atmospheres. It comes as no surprise that thousands of visitors frequent the Bight Marina on a consistent basis every single year. With the Marina being one of the most [...]

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The Perfect Valentine’s Key West Bight Marina Date Night!

THE PERFECT VALENTINE'S KEY WEST BIGHT MARINA DATE NIGHT! With the most romantic day of the year right around the corner, grab your sweetheart and escape the cold temperatures from up north by visiting our tropical island of Key West! Between the sun notoriously setting over the Gulf of Mexico horizon each and every night or the numerous [...]

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Meet Me at the Key West Bight Marina!

Meet Me at the Key West Bight Marina! November 27th officially kicked off the 2019 Key West Historic Seaport Holiday Season with the Lighting of the Harborwalk as part of the Key West Holiday Festival and the “Bight” Before Christmas! Locals and visitors gathered around the Key West Bight Marina and at the Key West Historic Seaport’s famous [...]

Key West Bight Marina & the Super Boat International Races

Key West Bight Marina & the Super Boat International Races Founded in 1989, the Super Boat International Races are the largest and fastest offshore racing series in the world. Attracting numerous racers throughout the years, this annual race as seen some of the biggest names in entertainment -- Don Johnson, Kurt Russell and Chuck Norris. This elite national [...]